Several times each year we participate in large events and fund raise to assist with the various outreaches of A.Hart4God and C.O.R.N . Feeding of less than fortunate men, women and children, providing school supplies to individuals classrooms, Christmas outreaches to various areas of the reservation covering 4 states, as well as the local hospital in Shiprock, NM

Outside funding is limited, therefore fundraising helps a greet deal to assist with overhead of office space, supplies, food, and manpower for all the outreaches. 

There are several wonderful aspects when raising funds for A.Hart4God and C.O.R.N. 

There the amazing people we meet during these events; With whom we are able share Jesus Christ, pray, laugh and even cry.

In most cultures food is a relationship builder. We have discovered it is a great way of connecting with the people. 

Then their are local people that assist me with everything from packing and unloading, making Frybread, to cooking.  Because of the high rate of unemployment and the lack of public transportation, many people are not able to go many places so the ministry provides a stipend for the the days they are able to assist. The love gift helps meets many immediate needs one may have.

We have assisted in the past in disasters by taking or sending supplies that were much needed to people affected by Hurricane Sandy and the flood victims of Louisiana.  

Again, thank you for your prayers, finances, assistance and recommendations.

"When You Touch The Heart of Man....You Touch the Heart of God"