C.O.R.N Naadą́ą́ 


Naadą́ą́ is the Navajo word for corn. It is synonymous among all natives and 1st nations people. The purpose of C.O.R.N is not to provided resources as another social program, but an assistance to those in need that are located on the Navajo Nation and beyond when the need arises. Community Outreaches Raising Nations assists the community in need by aiding individuals as well as organizations. Empowering people with tools, products, and compassion helps one to overcome despair and move forward with hope, wellness, and determination to excel to their greatest potential. It is not a social program, but assistance when in need.

Many assistive type resources are not located on the reservation, which puts the Nation itself at a greater disadvantage. The few programs that do exist are limited at best. Nationally, many programs that are income based, have guide lines that eliminates many families in need of miner assistance. As much as one dollar can disqualify many families. They fall into despair, left feeling hopeless, and helpless to provide for their families. Many are elders that are caring for their young grand and great grandchildren on fixed incomes.

C.O.R.N supplies fresh drinking water, clothing, food, school supplies, baby items and many other items to help assist families, organizations and the community in need whenever possible. We have partnered with and assisted small programs such as day cares, head starts, churches, and children with developmental disabilities.
In a few instances we have assisted in emergency situations to other states. (ex Hurricane Sandy NYC 2013, Louisiana 2016, and areas in Mexico 2012).

Compared to the rest of the United States the poverty level of New Mexico is ranked 50th.

·       Child poverty 51st

·       50th among working-age women.
·       The highest ethnic group are Native Americans at 34.6%.

·       Income Inequality Ration ranked as 44th in the USA.

·       Unemployment 34th

·       Teen birth rate is 50th.

·       Homeless population that includes those that are working, but cannot find housing, especially on the Navajo Nation.

C.O.R.N has from time to time provided part time employment to individuals in need of financial support to help meet needs at home.  

Water here on the Navajo Reservation is limited!!! We are in need of lots of water for drinking and cooking. Many people are still without running water and electricity. Our water supply was effected by the Gold Mine Spill.

Please consider partnering with C.O.R.N as we reach communities in these days of hardship and an ever increasing population of homelessness, poverty and unemployment here on the Navajo Nation, other reservations and assisting those in disastrous situations through out the country, when the necessity arises.

Monetary Tax Deductible Contributions can be made through the secure PayPal Site under the Support tab of this website.

If you are a company and desire to support with food, water, clothing toys, baby items, etc. Please fill out a communications form under the Contact Us Tab of this website. Someone with be in contact with your company within 48 hours.