To see 1st Nations people raise Christian leaders and empower themselves within their own communities.
To empower people with the word of God, and provide them with the tools necessary to spread the salvation message of Christ Jesus.  
Establish "Ministerial and Leadership schools"-“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"(Hosea 4:6). How can one gain knowledge if there is no accessibility to that knowledge.  (Romans 10:14 & John 9:36)
"Shiprock Dream Center”-on the Navajo Nation. Long term faith-based rehabilitation facility. It is a place of refuge, hope, and restoration for those desiring to detox from drugs and alcohol.
“Healthy Weekend”-A School feeding program. Each Friday a child goes home with a bag of groceries. For many it will supply a nutritious and healthy meal for the two days they are out of school. First site Shiprock New Mexico. Monitored by dieticians and nutritionists.
"The S.H.A.R.E Project"- Sending Hope And Restoration Everywhere. Refurbished trucks or vans (that can withstand reservation roads), will drive to the remote areas of the reservation and provide Christian and cultural outreaches, that will impact the lives of children and adults alike. Geared mainly towards children and youth. There will be Bible Teaching, puppets, healthy lunches, fun, and games. There will also be special cultural projects, silver smith, Pottery, Rug making, Language, etc.    
To provide 6 major outreaches a year
1. Hey Good Looking: Providing a Shower-Shave- Hair Cut-Clothes to the homeless and vets. August 5, 2017.
2. Back to School Project:(k-college).Provide supplies to small schools and head starts.

August 19, 2017
 3. Harvest of Souls: Not Halloween – Share the Gospel of Salvation       
 4. Thanksgiving: Forgiveness! Provide meals to cook at home.
 5. Christmas Dinners and Shoe boxes: Hospital and Kids.
 6.Women’s Warrior Conference: bi- annually.




CONNECT: Connecting Non-Native ministers to Native ministers and churches. To build trust, hope and establish an open line of “Truth” among the body of Christ
1. Bring pastors from around the country and the world.
2. Introduce youth and young adults to “The Mission Field” here in their own backyard. This will prepare them if they decide to go abroad.

“I HAVE A HEART TO SHARE A.Hart4God Ministries International with every Nation, Tribe and Tongue.